Reception At Le Jardin - Niranjan & Matheni
This Reception Was held on Sep 3rd 2012 At The Le Jardin. Find us on facebook, Twitter & Youtube- http://www.facebook.com/jeyavideo http://twitter.com/jeyavideo http://www.youtube.com/jeyavideoproduction.
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The essentials you need for a wenddig reception are:1. A spouse with whom you have recently gone through a legitimate marriage ceremony or (if and only if marriage is not legally possible) a commitment ceremony. A reception should be within four weeks, eight weeks if there's a good reason (deployment, illness, etc.). Any longer than that and you should call it a party.2. Food appropriate to what a reasonable guest would expect at that time of day. That means that if your reception is at noon, you provide lunch: if it's after 4:30 PM, you provide dinner. 2:00 is the perfect time for a cake-and-punch reception.3. Hospitality. That means that the guests don't pay for anything and are made to feel wanted and cherished. The reception area has to be clean, tidy, and fresh-smelling (but not necessarily perfumed) and it must be heated and/or cooled adequately. 4. Safety. If you have disabled friends or family at your wenddig (even if the disability is extreme old age), your reception hall *and the washrooms* must be accessible. If you hire a hall, you must make sure in advance that it meets the fire code. The caterers must be licensed and must have proper heating and refrigeration facilities. If you choose to invite someone with a severe allergy, you must accommodate them. And so on.Everything else favors, centerpieces, alcohol, etc., etc. is optional.
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